1 — Integral acoustic design of auditoriums for symphonic music, opera houses and drama theaters

— Noise control and design of the complete acoustic field from the first drafts to the opening of the halls. Working alongside the architects in the phases of programming, initial design, development, construction, acoustic tuning and training of the artists who will use the spaces.

2 — Acoustic restoration of halls with historical value

— Complete acoustic analysis prior to the intervention and development of specific working methodologies in each case. Collaboration with the architects at every stage of the work and final acoustic verification of the whole process.

3 — Acoustic improvement of existing halls

— Comprehensive acoustic diagnosis of the existing situation. Establishment of potential courses of action in order to correct the deficiencies found. Development of specific working methodologies and collaboration with the architects in each stage of the work. Final acoustic verification and training of future users.

4 — Sound design for works of music, drama theater and sound art

— Sound design for performances of music and drama. Composition of the acoustic fields in site-specific work.